Display details of minor entries in browse view

We are trying to use DAB to create a dictionary (version 6.1 with Win10). The user wants to have the language and the French gloss or definition (only) in the browse view and then a French and English reversal.

For the browse view he doesn’t want the POS, just the French gloss or definition.

With LIFT we are getting the POS and English gloss in browse view.
With XHTML we are getting just the French gloss in browse view but the minor entries don’t show any information in browse view. [It is fine in full view.]

Is it possible to get the glossorsummary information to display in browse view for the minor entries?


The ordering of languages determines which language shows up with the head word. The second language will be displayed.

  • Vernacular
  • English
  • French
    English will be displayed as the second language on the Vernacular index view.

I have not found a way to leave out the POS.

The leaving out the gloss seems like a bug.

The minor entries don’t have a gloss as such. They have reference information, like this:

abadi voir abari oncle paternel

This information appears in the entry basically OK (using the xhtml format), but in the index, the space under the minor entries is empty (where the major entries have the gloss in French).