Discuss Please: How to organize books

In this topic, we started talking about phasing out “Source Collections”, which have proved too confusing. This lead to thinking about the best way to organize one’s books, and whether there are ways we could improve Bloom in order to reduce the number of collections people have to create/maintain/share/etc.

Here’s my gut sense of when multiple collections are ideal:

  • You are working in different languages a separate projects.
  • You have multiple projects, each with their own funders and logos and other branding.

And here are some reasons that I think people create more collection which we should perhaps try and fix some other way:

  • Multiple versions of books, e.g. paper vs. digital, or with or without sign language.
  • So many books that Bloom bogs down (I’m not sure this happens?)
  • So many books that it’s hard to find / organize them.
  • Books in different stages (e.g. in process vs. done) and Bloom doesn’t provide a way to mark these stages or keep these sets of books separate from each other.

I hope we can get a good community discussion around this issue.