Disable "Match accents and tones" in search window

Dear developers and community,

a simple request: Being able to hide the “Match accents and tones” in the search function. In languages without accents or tones this is misleading.

This request can be subsumed to this general request about improving the search function. Let me also express again that showing search suggestions would be a great improvement of the app.

Thank you for your hard work.

@Rhina I am thinking after reading your other thread that the feature request is that DAB should have the same set of Search options as SAB/DAB.

It looks like SAB does allow this already for the person building the app to choose whether to show or hide this option, although if Rhina is not an SAB or RAB user she might not have known that.
It seems like if other app builders already have it, it wouldn’t be too hard to include this feature in DAB?

For dictionary, standard search option is what I have already suggested in the following post and same was also quoted by @Rhina in this post:

If we include the same search option like SAB or RAB in DAB, then it will be just a book rather than glossary app.

Other thing that I noticed is that the developers are only focusing the features that can be applied on all the apps like SAB, RAB and DAB. One thing must b understand that DAB is completely different from others two. And there has been no any specific update in DAB for more than a year.

Sorry, me opening two topics at the same time plus citing two other entries has led to some confusion where do discuss the appropriate things. I will try to reply each topic individually. As for this one, this particular issue will indeed be fixed when simply taking the already existing code from SAB/RAB. This would be an overall improvement of the app so I highly welcome it and hope to see it implemented soon.