Dimensions for cover image - basic book

Our book project is funded through grants and we’ve been asked to include two logos on the cover. My husband is a designer and can add the logos to the cover images but since both of us are using IOS we cannot see the dimensions of the cover image for a basic book. Could someone please point me in the right direction or let me know?

(I’ve been following the thread about adding a logo, but our partners in the field do not have a strong enough connection to download Bloom again, so we’re going to email them the images with the logo this time since we’re in a time crunch.)

Some questions:

  • You mention ios, so I guess you are aiming solely at digital distribution via Bloom Reader (Android)?
  • Are you also unable to run Bloom itself (Windows or Linux)?

Some thoughts:

  • The normal way of adding logos to a project is to get a Bloom Enterprise subscription, which gives you a way to have every book in the collection automatically get the logos where you want them.
  • Bloom supports several cover sizes, for paper and devices.
  • The cover image automatically shrinks as you add more text to the cover.

If you want to measure, say, an A5 booklet, perhaps a good approach would be to get a PDF of a Bloom book from bloomlibrary.org and use that for measuring? If instead you want one from a 16x9 (device) layout, we could make one for you.

If you just want to make the logos part of the main cover image, size doesn’t matter much; Bloom will resize the image to fit the space. Of course that approach is inconvenient since a suitable image must be made for each book.

Thanks for the response, John. Most of the book production is being done in Benin on laptops running Windows, but our partners are still ramping up in their digital skills so they need help adding the logos. I’m in the US, so emailing is our best option. I can’t run Bloom on my own laptop, but can download a book from the library, thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll look into the Bloom Enterprise subscription, we’re a really small organization so cost may be an issue for now. Many thanks - we’re really enjoying the process of creating these books. First children’s books in several of the languages we’re using, so it’s exciting!

Thanks for the advice, John. We’re just making 5 books right now so it’s not much of an issue but in the future it would be more so.