Digital book distribution strategy - .epub or .apk?

L.S. While discussing how to best distribute digital books created with bloom for an audience in rural Africa we were left with a few unresolved questions:

  • If, for documents with audio, epub format is choosen for distribution, is it possible to somehow link the downloading of the epub to the downloading of android epub-reader software? (like bloom reader)
  • if, for documents with audio, an app (apk file produced by RAB) is choosen for distribution, how can users be directed there when they access the book via the Bloom bookshelf?

Maybe I am not fully understanding the dynamics and what is the best common practice … I would appreciate suggestions from your experiences.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Bart. I don’t fully understand your questions, but this article may provide some pertinent information for you.

I’d be happy to discuss this further to off-line.

Hello, @Bart_Eenkhoorn.
Thanks for writing.

One point of clarification which may help:
There is a difference between ePUBs and BloomPUBs which is an important distinction to make.

  • ePUBs are created based on a global standard and can be read with many different ePUB readers. Bloom Reader cannot consume ePUBs.
  • BloomPUBs are only readable with our Bloom Reader for Android and BloomPUB Viewer for Windows.

Currently, there is no way to download both Bloom Reader and the BloomPUB at the same time. But that is on our roadmap. Specifically, you will be able to give the user a link to a book, and they will be prompted to download Bloom Reader and the book.

There is no mechanism in RAB to link to the book on

If that doesn’t answer your questions, please let us know what we can further clarify.