Difficulty upgrading from V8 to either 9 or 10

I’ve been using Keyman V8 since forever, on several W7 laptops for writing in Yiddish. The inevitable few glitches but extremely useful.

I installed version 10 and got garbage (the keyboard seemed “shifted”: typing a k gave me a Y lamed, not the proper kuf. Unistalled that and tried with version 9. Same mess. Back to V8.

Is this a known problem? Are versions 9, 10, … supposed to work with W7?

That is unexpected and is not an issue I’ve seen before. We do test versions 9 and onwards on Windows 7. Does this behaviour occur in all applications? (I assume from your other forum post that you are using the Yiddish Pasekh keyboard?)

Can you send us a diagnostic report following the instructions at https://help.keyman.com/kb/40?

Yes, the Yiddish Pasekh keyboard, screwed up in Word (two separate versions), notepad, text boxes in other programs.

I've uninstalled 9 and 10 and put 8 back on both machines, so (unless there's something new and worthwhile in the later releases) I'm happy with being obsolete.


I have not yet heard back from the author on the Yiddish keyboard. However, in trying to find a newer email address for him, I found this page: http://zsigri.tripod.com/fontboard/ which includes links to his Yiddish keyboard that says " I no longer maintain Fontboard. The keyboard layouts do not work with Windows Vista, 7, or later." I thought this information might be relevant. I don’t know what it is about the keyboards that makes them not work.

Well, his keyboard works fine with Keyman 8 and W7, so I’m not sure what he’s on about.

I'm not asking him to maintain anything, just looking for the source for the Pasekh keyboard so I can deal with it myself.

There are plenty of people using Yiddish Pasekh with Keyman 9 and 10 on Windows 10 as well. My guess is that message comes from Keyman 6 days and probably relates specifically to the Free Home Edition of Keyman 6. Keyman 6 did not work well with Vista due to Vista’s security model changes.