Different audio problems

I’m experiencing the following problems with audio in our latest dictionary build from DAB:

  1. Problem: The audio for our two analysis writing systems (English/Burmese) doesn’t show up at all. Despite having audio files (as mp3s) and having enabled the language, there is no play button what so ever appearing that gives the option to play the audio. (See screenshot)

  2. There is an extrem lag (21.15 seconds) from pressing the speaker icon to the audio actually being played. Sometimes an Android dialog appeared that says that this app is not responding asking if I wanted to close it - as if crashed but after clicking on wait and waiting for a few more seconds the audio actually plays.
    Being impatient or under the impression that a click was not registered due to the long unresponsiveness clicking the button multiple times results in playing the audio files several times once the app reacts again. Sometimes it seems as if there are several tracks being played at the same time.

  3. There is a loudspeaker symbol after each vernacular entry even if it all points to the same audio. As we have three scripts, it appears three times. I would prefer it only to show up once (and maybe even in a fixed position) . But this is only a minor cosmetic thing. (See screenshot)

(4. Probably connected to the audio & images: Since I added the ~15000 audio files and ~200 images that our dictionary needs, it takes 35 seconds to open the app - which is quite a usability issue for the end user. Is there a way to speed things up?)