Did I overwrite my collection?

We are new to Bloom and we are still learning how to manage the collections/ folders and so on. We are putting our library for children with disabilities online and since we want to make it available under one title, we each have downloaded the software on our laptops and have named the collection folder using the same name.

Today, my co-worker transferred a book she was working on to me from her collection so I could work on a local language version. She transferred it as a bloompack. I understand now that this is not what we should have done.

When I downloaded it, I was asked do you want to replace the folder on your computer with this one. I cancelled and I asked her to rename the folder on her computer and try again. This time again, even with the new name, it asked me the same question. And again I cancelled. I then used explorer to open the Bloom folder on my computer and found my Bloompack was missing, although epub, audio and video files were there. When I tried to open my collection through the Bloom program it looks like the collection has disappeared. I haven’t installed the bloompack she sent. I can’t find it in the trash or deletes.
Any ideas on how to proceed?

thank you

Hi Namita. I suggest we have another video conference call to discuss your workflow. I’m available today – just send me an email.

I’d also recommend working through all our series of basic training videos: https://vimeopro.com/lingtransoft/bloom-basics.


Hi Colin - aren’t you fed up of me!!!

Yes, I’m ready if you are! Thank you and many many blessings on you and your team and your endless patience and kindness.

I can join you at or after 8:45 p.m Indian Standard Time today.


Discussion resolved via Google Meet.