Dictionary Database

Is it possible to use the Wesay database that I’ve created in another app? For instance MS Excel,MS Access,glossay files?


I can’t think of an existing program that can convert to Excel. One thing you can do is go out to SFM/Toolbox, and from there there may be a path to Excel; I’d ask on the Toolbox Google Group. For sure someone who can code could readily convert either WeSay’s LIFT format (xml) or the SFM format to excel for you. Conceivably access might be able to read the LIFT xml.

Here’s where you’d go to see the export options that are available in WeSay:


I have no experience with this, but since LIFT is just XML, you could try
one of the many XML to Excel or XML to CSV converters that seem to exist
out on the internet
https://www.google.co.th/search?q=xml+to+excel+converter. Who knew?

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Christopher Hirt
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SIL Language Software Development