Diacritics not combining

Hello again!

I’m testing a keyboard (and custom font) on an android phone. Everything seems to be working fine so far with the exception of 2 diacritics (U+0300 [grave accent] and U+030A [ring above]) that won’t combine for some reason although they combine as they should on my laptop. All the Unicode characters they’re intended to combine with are Latin.

Any helpful suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

I attempted substituting other diacritics (U+0340 and U+0306, and then U+030C and U+030D) and the font disappeared as if it’s not installing with the package. But, those diacritics are combining with the characters in that state without the font.

I just tried to install another keyboard project (using Arabic Unicode this time) with a custom font and its font didn’t install with it either like the previous one mentioned using Latin Unicode. But, this latter did install with its font previously until I substituted combining diacritics for the 2 that wouldn’t combine as mentioned above.

First off, are you testing within Keyman or in another app? Be aware that Android does not let you install custom fonts system-wide, so you’ll only get the benefit of the custom font within the Keyman app and other apps that are aware of Keyman (very few at this point).

This is one of the most frustrating limitations of the Android platform!

Thanks for your reply.

I’m testing with Keyman. I wasn’t trying to use it system wide because I remember learning that wasn’t possible.

Like I mentioned above, I was able to get the custom font to install at one point until I changed the Unicode characters. I was wondering if it has something to do with how I’m exporting the font as there’s the possibility I may have not been consistent. I think I was exporting them as: .ttf; Open Type Layout; glyph names regenerated; no hinting. I don’t know if this is the best way though.

Some of my fonts and keyboards use Latin Unicode while others use Arabic (for right-to-left experimental fonts/writing systems, etc…). Do I export them the same way?

Do you have an alternative platform to Android you’d recommend that’s more efficient? I haven’t learned all the “details” of the differences yet.

Thanks again.

I figured out the font issue some time ago (I was forgetting a step that I remembered before). I just have to continue experimenting with substituting/exchanging various combining diacritics until I find 2 that do what I would like them to do.

Thanks again.

It sounds like there are a number of things going on here – and I’m not entirely sure the right answer to your questions! Perhaps if you were able to share the keyboard project via direct message on this forum, I or one of the support team could look at it and give you some more helpful feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies. I actually figured it out a few days ago. I was forgetting a step. Sometimes I might do that when re-packaging, etc…

Thanks again!

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