Developer: Problems submitting project with sub-folders to GitHub

We have followed the steps for submitting a keyboard to GitHub using the web interface, and are currently on this step: Step 3: Submitting a GitHub Pull Request.

We get to the Upload files step, and drag and drop the project folder, but it only submits the files in the top level folder, not the source sub-folder (and its sub-folders). I could probably create the source folder manually and add the files, but that would probably require committing changes more than once (committing for each folder separately). That doesn’t seem right.

Is there something we’re missing?

Hi @jheath,

I am trying to submit a keyboard the same way but the source and build sub folders, and their sub-folders went through. I can’t find anything mentioning this issue on the internet.

Would you like to try with a code editor or text editor instead, or you could send a ZIP file of the project to me privately so I can quickly create a pull request for you?

Let me know! Thanks!

Thanks for the offer. I decided to commit just the files from the root directory first, then added the source sub-folder and committed it, then added the welcome and help sub-sub-folders in a third commit. So the Pull request just has 3 commits in it, and should be ready for review.

Maybe just weird things happening on my computer today???

Thanks for your help,

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That works too.

Looking to see your keyboard submission.