Detecting Yiddish text vs. English

I’m not sure how this was done: same version (8.0) on a machine with an old version of word (on W7 pro), something was pretty good at telling the keyboard to switch between Y and E depending on what the cursor “saw”.

Newer version of word (W7, home), and it doesn’t do any automatic recognition.

If this is an option somewhere, I’d love to turn it back on.


I think what you are looking for is buried in Word’s options. In Word 2016, look in File / Options / Advanced / Editing options / Automatically switch keyboard to match language of surrounding text.

Ah, thanks. It was way down the page, but I should have seen it.


But, but …

I upgraded to K'man Desktop 11 and eventually it seems to be usable,

but even with the Word option set as you described (which worked
with KM Desktop 8), version 11 doesn’t recognize the local language.



Worse, never mind automatically switching to the appropriate
language, it seems quite flaky, dropping spontaneously from Y to E,
if I pause.

Back to version 8 ...


Is this flakiness a known problem?

I was having a similar problem over a year ago. I don’t remember if a Windows update or a Keyman update fixed it. I haven’t had this problem in a very long time.

I’m still running W7 if that’s part of the issue, but KMDT 8 works
quite well and I have no desire to “upgrade” Windows and now Keyman.

Upgrading Keyman was a frustrating and flaky experience -- hanging

installs, missing this or that. After downloading several “slightly
newer” versions I got it to work.

But spontaneously changing keyboards is a deal-breaking bug.

Oh, well...