Demo Keyman app

Could someone share with me a Keyman keyboard and lexical model that I could use to demonstrate Keyman’s capabilities to a class of 30 students next Thursday?

I’ve tried to set one up myself today, but I can’t get the predictive text to work.


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Recently in another conversation (Text suggestion not working in some cases), I suggested the example:
The “obolo_chwerty” keyboard and the “katelem_ann-latn_getat” lexical model seem to work together. (Obolo language of Nigeria)

The sil_euro_latin keyboard and the nrc.en.mtnt lexical model should also work. (English)

Those two models were listed because they were using the new “caps” feature. There are many other pairs you could use.

If you need more information, please ask a followup question.

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Thanks, David!!

I have the Obolo keyboard running with predictive text.

Have a great day!