Delete key on Mac Keyman on Chrome/WhatsApp deletes too much

Similar possibly to Delete key on Mac with sil_greek_polytonic keyboard

My NaijaType keyboard appears to work fine on Windows, iOS and Android but on Mac (15.0.272) I find that pressing delete removes too much. Usually one press removes 2 keypresses. This happens in Chrome (107.0.5304.87) where I now am typing and in WhatsApp (2.2242.6 ) and nowhere else that I can work out. Chrome is even wilder than WhatsApp and when I press backspace any number of letters from 1 to 5 or 6 will be erased.

Perhaps it is a keyboard bug (ie my fault) but the fact that it works fine in every other application I regularly type in suggests some strange Keyman interaction with certain text display frameworks. Sorry. There is a bug on Windows Bloom that I separately will report.

NaijaType keyboard:
naijatype49.kmp (623.7 KB)

Any advice gratefully received.

Yes, there’s a compatibility issue with Chrome that our team is tracking in Keyman issue bug(mac): backspace not working as expected in Google Chrome · Issue #7526 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub

Re: WhatsApp - are you using the macOS app, or the web interface?

WhatsApp desktop client Version 2.2242.6. I wouldn’t be surprised if it uses Chromium or something underneath but I haven’t checked.

David Rowbory