Default autonym in Portuguese

Not sure if this is a feature or localization thing.

In every collection we create, we change the Portuguese default to Português or português

Can this be changed in Bloom so that we don’t have to teach everyone to look at it and do it manually?
Is there any reason that the default is the English version of the language name - even in the Portuguese local version of Bloom?


This is not unique to Portuguese. If I have Bloom open in the Spanish interface, create a new collection, and type in “español”, I must then select “Spanish” from the list of languages, and then change the way the language will appear in books from “Spanish” to “español”. It would be nice if the language selection tool was more localized (ie., the languages shown were written in their localized forms and the default for how a language will be shown in books was the name of that language in that language). Conceivably, a Spanish speaker using Bloom might (unlikely, but possible) not know that “Spanish” is the English equivalent for “español.”

Agreed. We inherited the language chooser from another project and it has a number of well known problems. I expect we’ll be building its replacement late this year or next year.


Thank you. That will help a lot.