Decomposing and recomposing


I am Ju-Hong Yun, and I work in the Eurasia area. I have developed the Pashai (Southeast) keyman keyboard in 2014. I want to let people download the Pashai Keyman to use its system. For several years, I worked well, but now there is a problem, especially one key ‘e’ in Arabic letters. It should work without shift as ‘ېـ or ې’ but it is not working properly. So, I can’t let people download it because of the malfunctioning key ‘ې’.

I don’t know why it happened. Should I decompose it first and then recompose it? I lost my keyman package, so I can’t do anything. Could you help me figure out the matter?

Thanks and blessings,
Ju-Hong Yun.

Hi @Ju-Hong_Yun
Is this the keyboard you’re referring to?

Currently it’s a legacy keyboard

If you have the keyboard source, you can update to fix your issue.

Or with your permission, someone on the forum can maybe decompile the keyboard and help you with the updates.


Dear Darcy,

Hi! Thanks for your quick response! I found the original Keman package that I worked on in 2014 in my external hardware.

Can we replace the original package that still works well? I don’t know this system well, so doing it by myself is not easy. When I developed the Pashai Keman, at least one or two IT experts helped me in the department of SIL MSEAG’s IT center at Payap University.


Hi Ju-Hong. We can’t replace the kmp package, but we’d be happy to help with decompiling the original keyboard and uploading it as a new keyboard. Then, we would “deprecate” the " pashai 2" one.

If you want to go that route, I’d prefer you send me the source files, but if you only have the .kmp I can work with those files too. You can upload the file(s) somewhere and private message a link to where I can download them.

I also found this MSKLC keyboard from 2016:
Is it possible this is the layout you are wanting? It looks like it has keys on the RALT layer and Keyman one does not.