Dead Key for Tamil Word

Hi, in Developer How to use the Dead Key?.
For example If we press the key f it will show க. and if we press nf It should show கெ which is when we press n key it should not show any letter but once we pressed f it should show கெ
(unicode combination is U+0b95 U+0bc6 )

Kindly some guide need please.


This example should do what you want.

store(&NAME) 'dkey-test'

begin Unicode > use(main)

group(main) using keys

+ 'n' > dk(n)

dk(n) + 'f' > U+0b95 U+0bc6

+ 'f' > U+0b95

More on deadkeys in Keyman language:

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Could anybody post sample keyboard layout for Tamil?. any type of Tamil keyboard welcomed…

If you go to and search for “Tamil” you’ll find a number of Tamil keyboards (link to search results: Keyboard Search). If you click on one of keyboard links, you can then click on the “Use keyboard online” button to see the keyboard layout and experiment with it in your browser. You may find a keyboard that suits your needs. If that’s the case, you can install and use it.

You can also look in the GitHub keyboards repository for keyboard examples, based on the name found in the list above. For example, the “Thamizha Tamil99 (Tamil language)” keyboard has “ekwtamil99uni” below it, and the ekwtamil99uni.kmn file is found in the keyboards/release/e/ekwtamil99uni/source at master · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub folder.

But if you don’t find what you need, please ask a follow-up question.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful links @drowe . Definitely it’ll teach me to create keyboard layout in Developer. Have a wonderful day.

PS: could you please guide me how to download the all the file from source foder in Github… It have option to download only one by one.

One way to get a copy of an entire keyboard folder is to use GitHub Download | How to Download from GitHub | Repos, Folders, & Files to download a zipped file with the keyboard project folder and its contents (for example, using the page and giving it as the path to that keyboard).

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Excellent help @drowe. Now I got super idea about the own custom keyboard create. And after long years now only understand about the full potential of Keyman Developer.

Dear @Steve_White Your example works wonderful. at the same time
How to have Shift+n (Which is equal to N) release shift then f key to show கே
Unicode (U+0B95 U+0BC7)


PS: I mean the normal nf should show கெ (U+0b95 U+0bc6) and shift+n,f should show கே (U+0B95 U+0BC7)

You can add another deadkey for the Shift+N sequence. Lines inside ** are added to do this (don’t put the ** in your code).

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@Steve_White Thank you so much for the assist. May I know why it’s not working correctly if I define the another deadkey name as N instead of sn ?..

And how to set key’s nfs to கௌ (U+0b95 U+0bc6 U+0BB3) it is 3 keys press one after another (just ‘s’ key press should show “ள” (U+0BB3)…


The deadkey names (and other identifiers in Keyman keyboard language) are case-insensitive. So dk(n) is the same as DK(N) or dk(N) :slight_smile:

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