Damaged profiles - Keyman 9

We have had 2 computers in the last couple of weeks where we try to install Keyman desktop 9.0.528, but we can’t get it to work, and we occasionally get this error message:

“Some keyboard profiles have been damaged. Correct these now?”

Clicking OK doesn’t seem to help - the keyboards still aren’t working, and we still get the error message again later. The first time we saw this we were suspecting a virus, but the computer I’m dealing with now seems pretty clean.

Where are profiles stored? Can they be deleted? We uninstalled the keyboards and program, and installed from scratch, but got the same problem.

I was thinking I might install the latest Keyman desktop beta (10.0.1055?) to see if that works any better. Any other suggestions?

The ‘damaged profiles’ message arises when Keyman detects that the registered set of Windows keyboard don’t match up with what Keyman has stored in the registry relating to the keyboards that are installed. This tends to appear most often when a user removes a Keyman keyboard using the Windows UI, but there are other circumstances that can cause trouble, which I haven’t fully identified.

The most reliable way to resolve the problem is:

  1. Uninstall Keyman
  2. Remove all language profiles in Windows Language Settings.
  3. Restart
  4. Reinstall Keyman

You may be able to get away with a little less – just exit Keyman, uninstall all keyboards, remove all language profiles, restart Windows, as a first step.