DAB won't accept French in addition to English and Latin

I am trying to make an app for Hausa plant names. I have two problems.

  1. DAB won’t accept the French reversal xhtml file. I have successfully done it for a similar Fulfulde app (see Play store). I wonder what is going on. All the xhtml files seem to be fine.
  2. Even with just the two languages the app shows weird results.

I have done many apps and never come across these problems. Any clues as to what to do?
Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

There was a similar problem that was supposedly fixed. I assume you are using the latest DAB? It probably would be best for you to send me your entire project folder, and any xhtml files that aren’t already included in the project. Unfortunately, this isn’t my day job, and it is unlikely I would be able to work on it before the new year.