customBookStyles for a Template Page collection

Related to customCollectionStyles.css vs customBookStyles.css

The only option for inserting tables in Bloom is to create multiple boxes and set the border padding around them to 0pt. I have created a 10x3-cell table and painstakingly moved borders around until all the anticipated text will fit. (I actually need four of these table pages per book, times 31 languages.)

So I have this and a few other custom template pages in a collection made from Template Starter, and I have both customBookStyles and customCollectionStyles in the correct folders of this Template collection. When I use these pages in a vernacular book I want the same 0pt borders that I created for the template page, but I must remember to copy the customCollectionStyles.css file into each new language collection for this to be effective.

I can remember this for my own books, but how can I propagate the correctly-formatted template pages to other vernacular book creators, with whom I have no direct contact? It would be wonderful if the customBookStyes.css file were propagated to a book when I add a page based on this template page, to ensure that future users will not be frustrated that their books don’t look as nice as my books.

Alas… I’m out of votes!

But at least we hear you! It could well be, Kim, that you’re only person in the Bloom community with the CSS savvy to be doing custom things. Anyone else out there, please let us know if you are using custom stylesheets or even wish you were :slight_smile: