Custom keyboard doesn't work outside text editor

I created and installed a custom keyboard some chained dead keys. The keyboard doesn’t work outside a text editor. So I can’t use it to type in say Discord chat or even in Windows search.

Hi @Ranjodh_Arora, welcome to the community!

We’d certainly like to help you solve this issue. Which version of Keyman are you using? You might like to send a diagnostic report following the steps at

Can you provide a copy of your keyboard in a private message so we can test here? When you do so, can you give some examples of what sequences you are trying to type and which apps you have tried with?

I have sent a diagnostic report. Would you still need a copy of my keyboard? In which case I’d be happy to provide you with one

We weren’t able to see your diagnostic report – it seems to have been omitted from the message sent in, not sure why. Can you let us know hwich version of Keyman you are using? We’ll start there, and if doesn’t give us any insight, we can go on to looking at your keyboard.

I am using the Version 14.0.288

Marc Durdin via SIL Software <> escreveu no dia segunda, 21/03/2022 à(s) 12:12:

Please note that we haven’t received any diagnostic report from you yet. What we’ve got is an empty message without the .tsi file attached.

I’m guessing that you might have too many log files in the %AppData% causing the diagnostic report from getting through. Could you try again after getting rid of all .log files in AppData\Local\Keyman\Diag, i.e.

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