CTRL+SHIFT+F in Keyman Developer 13

Running KMD 13 on Win 10 Pro 64-bit the key combination SHIFT+CTRL+F brings up a font selector for “Character Font”. This is setting the font for some of the text in the code, but not at all for Characters when running the F5 Test function.

Is this a bug? Is there another way to set the font for testing?—Consolas is less than ideal.

You can right click in the test window and choose another font.

Thanks. If this is documented I couldn’t find it. Testing now proceeding.


Yes, I expect this is missing from the user guide – along with many other details :(. The Keyman Developer user guide needs love – unfortunately we don’t currently have anyone on the team with capacity to work on it.

There is also an issue of the debugger not picking up the character font from the text editor, which I noticed a little while ago and am coincidentally planning to fix today for the 14.0 release.