CSS Tweaks not reflecting in App

I’m trying to format a dictionary app to conform to a standard. DAB seems to provide the possibility to modify the css rules permitting this, but the changes I make do not appear in the app. It seems as if they are being ignored by DAB. Is there a solution to this?
I found this post from last year which seems to indicate the same sort of issue.
The suggestion is made to combine all of the css into one file, eliminating the “override” for the single entry view. But I notice that regardless of if I make changes to the “Imported Styles” or "Modifications"the changes do not appear in the resulting app. Why?

Sincere thanks for any insight you can provide.


I assume you are using XHTML import from Fieldworks. You did not say that it is only implied by your reference to another post.

So my questions are:
Did you format the source the way you wanted in Fieldworks?
What are you trying to format that is not working?
Are you importing, then making changes in the CSS and reloading the Lexicon?
What changes are you making changes in the Styles section?

Unfortunately we do not have a good list of what can be changed and what can’t.

If you can share your source files and project (off list) and give me a list of what you are trying to change, I can check it out and write up a bug report if I can’t get it to work either.