Cross stitch fonts

Hi, I am wanting to check that my intended usage of a fonts with an OFL (SIL Open Font License).
I am a cross stitch designer wanting to create alphabet charts using fonts with SIL Open font Licenses.
To create charts I would rasterise the characters, sometimes modifying them by adding colour, additional bits/stretching etc before then exporting them into cross stitch pattern creating software. Here they would be saved as a PDF that could be downloaded by customers once purchased from Etsy shop. To be clear the chart I would be creating would contain all of the alphabet and number characters from each font for the end user to use for whatever word/name/phrase etc they wanted to create for use in their cross stitching projects - but they would need to use this in an analogue way - so stitch each letter as needed from the chart I create. After having looked at the license and FAQ’s I thought that this usage would be similar to creating sets of alphabet stamps from fonts, the differences being they will be stitched (not stamped), the fonts may possibly be modified and even where not modified essentially reproduced in a pixelated form (such is the nature of cross stitch).
Any advice most gratefully received!

Since you are not modifying the actual font, you are changing the results of the font, you should be fine with with what you are suggesting. Happy cross stitching!

Hi Lorna,

Thanks so much for your speedy response! Much appreciated!
Kind regards,