Credits page - CC licence prose

On the credits page where it says Click to Edit copyright and licence, please could you change the order of the explanatory sentences of the CC licence so they reflect the order of the initials e.g. BY-NC-ND ie so that the last sentence: You must keep the copyright and credit for authors, illustrators, etc. goes first. Thank you.

Ideally this would be solved as follows:

  1. List the conditions of the license in the same order as they appear in the image.
  2. Add the abbreviation and name of the condition above each description.
    Example for the BY-NC-ND license the prose would be:

BY: By Attribution.
You must keep the copyright and credits for authors, illustrators, etc.

NC: Non Commercial.
You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

ND: No Derivatives.
You may not make changes or build upon this work without permission.

Yes, I agree. However, expanding the license prose as you have done takes up too much space on an A5 Credits page, leaving little room for the other information, especially in a book containing lots of illustrations from different sources. It doesn’t look as nice, but condensing the 6 lines into a single paragraph is a pragmatic option.

Please do consider this request’s priority. The license prose is very confusing when it appears in a different order to the condition abbreviations.

If I’m not mistaken, the suggestions @TheresaWilson and @David_Baines are making are for the dialog where you choose the license and copyright, not on the book page where the license and copyright information are displayed.

I’m not sure about David’s comment, but Theresa and I and others
in PNG are specifically requesting the change to be made on the
book’s Credits Page where the license and copyright information
are displayed. She and I have discussed this quite a bit. Most
standard CC explanatory statements I have seen elsewhere do have a
form something like: “ND (No Derivatives): You may not make changes
or build upon this work without permission.”

I like your interpretation as well though: In the
Copyright and License dialog it would be helpful to include each
abbreviation and name next to the radio-button item it corresponds
to. Someone familiar with how dialog boxes work can play around
with the buttons and see what each choice adds to the license
logo, but a “typical user” of Bloom who is given, for example,

Has any progress been made on this topic?