Creating several matching pages for Picture Dictionary

I am trying to make a picture dictionary for a new language. We are thinking of almost 150 pages. How do I make 140 pages of a template I have created?

I would like a letter on the top, with 2 columns with 4 boxes in each column. In each box I would like a picture on top and the word underneath.

So I have 2 problems.
Once I create one page, I don’t know how to make more of the same format.
Also, I can put a box around the text (3 sides of the text) but can’t complete the box around 3 sides of the picture on top.

You can make many pages in the same format by right-clicking on the page thumbnail and choosing “duplicate page many times”. Make sure you’re happy with the format first, or make a backup; there is no similarly easy way to get rid of them all!

We don’t yet support putting a box around an image in the user interface. What you want can be done using customBookStyles.css. Make your template page starting from Bloom’s “Custom” page. Set up the three-sided border on the text box as you have already done. Then make a file in the book folder called exactly customBookStyles.css and put this text in it:

.customPage .bloom-imageContainer {
border-left: 1px solid black;
border-right: 1px solid black;
border-top: 1px solid black;
width: calc(100% - 2px) !important;

.customPage .split-pane-component.position-top {
margin-bottom: 0 !important;

If you need some space between the image and the border, you can also add a line to the first section like
padding: 7px;

@DandSLocklin Picture Dictionaries can be fairly massive projects. And through my 3 years with Bloom user support, I’ve seen several teams get off to a bad start with their picture dictionaries.

I’d love to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

If you are willing to meet via Zoom to discuss this, I would be happy to do so. Let me know.

Thank you for your willingness to give me advice to help with a picture dictionary! I would like all the help I can get, especially before I make all the common mistakes!
I actually live in the United States (Wisconsin, central time zone). My daughter lives in West Africa and I help write easy books in the tribal language for her people group.

John Thompson sent an email that helped us to put the box around the text and picture. He also told me how to make multiple copies of my custom page.