Creating Digraphs

I am making a keyboard for a constructed language, and it contains many digraphs. I am currently usings store() to have a string of both monographs and digraphs alike, but this leads to a shift in the keystroke assignments, since it treats the digraphs as two different elements of the string. Is there a way to turn, for example, β€˜rh’, into some sort of variable in which I can reference as a single element so I do not run into this problem? Thanks!

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Sadly, it’s not really possible to do that neatly with Keyman .kmn keyboards today. However, we are in the midst of implementing a new keyboarding standard, which will allow you to do this much more easily. Please note, it will be a year before a version of Keyman is released that has full support for this new standard.


Nice. Very similar to what Keyman is already doing.

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Hello @Marc,
Sorry for the very late reply, but I was able to make a work around.
Since my digraphs followed a similar convention (by adding an β€œh”), I just made stores of all of the first characters in the digraph, and when I applied keyboard rules, I just added an extra β€œh” where needed in the output.
Thanks for your help!

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@lumrodger, good to hear!