Created a pull request for my sxava keyboard

Can someone take a look at it? Thank you!

Hi Jonathan. Welcome to the Keyman community. I haven’t looked at the keyboard itself, but the main folder structure you should start with is:
Currently, you have release/eo/. So, instead of eo it should be under s and then you should have a folder under s called sxava with ALL your keyboard files under that folder.

At the root of sxava should be the files you already have in the root of the eo folder. Then the files in the source folder and welcome seem appropriate.

Delete the .kps file in the root of eo (you already have a .kps in source and that’s where it should be).

We can look at the other files when you’ve reviewed these issues.

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Thank you!
The reason for ‘eo’ is that this is an alphabet for Esperanto. Should I still change it?

Yes, the folder name structure follows the name of your keyboard, not the language code. You have put “eo” in the keyboard_info and .kps files I believe and that’s where eo belongs.

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Alright fixed. Sorry, I messed up and made a new pull request instead of commit to the original. I closed the original though.

It would be best for you to go ahead and submit a Pull Request in the official way and let me make comments on Github rather than through the community site. However, I’ll make a few comments now and then wait until your submit a Pull request to

The keyboard needs a .kpj file which should be in the sxava folder.

All copyright statements need a year…© 2020 Fetrigon

For the Onscreen keyboard and the touch layout it is suggesting the use of the Tahoma font which doesn’t have Shavian characters. It would be good to explicitly state a a good font for Shavian. On my computer Segoe UI Historic has Shavian characters. If you have a good font that you are allowed to distribute it might be good to include it. Put it in s\sxava\extras

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Alright, added a keyboard and submitted a pull request