Create multiple pages at once

I have a suggestion that would be useful in my current application. I am creating a comic using the Kingstone images. These over 100 pages of comic material. I’m having to create a “new page” one by one. It would save a lot of time to create a new book and then in a dialog box, choose how many pages I want and have the program create a book based on the amount of pages I wanted. You could even bring up the page format selector and indicate how many of each KIND of page you wanted, then press a “Create” button and have it auto fill your book with the desired pages.
Another feature of this would be to have a source folder from which the book could draw from and auto insert each image as a full page. I realize this may only be useful for comic creation.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestions. I believe these will help streamline the process (for comic creation).

Casey Ellis
SIL, Vanuatu

Thanks for the suggestion, @Casey_Ellis. We have implemented this for Bloom 5.0.

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