Crashes reported in the Google Play Store Console

Hi there, we are a modern language dev project in Africa. We have a larger team of free-lance youth and some full SIL members.

Together our team has built already four apps, based on RAB, and we have several more in the pipeline. We create local content and much of our own artwork (which we also publish as printed booklets on paper), make our own audio-recordings and then use the RAB to package. We have our own Play Store account, which you can visit here:

So for each app, we have invested dozens of man-hours on content and presentation. And we want those apps to be good and stable, not buggy and not crashing.

I had made a special Android keyboard earlier in 2017, so know my way around the Console a little. But now, having just launched our first batch of reading apps, we are somewhat nervous about those repeated crash reports for the RAB-generated apps. My keyboard never reported any crashes so far in several months.

That fact that Google even provides statistics for crashes means to me, that they are not entirely uncommon and will hopefully not have us banned from the Play Store anytime soon.

Still I see a need for action: We want to understand what is happening. And how we can help our users to have a better experience (Google speak) and our RAB developpers to have our feedback and whatever data needed so that the RAB itself and the apps which it outputs will become more stable.

We cannot hack the app builder itself (though I would love to) so all we publish is vanilla apps with our own colour schemes but no “tricks” from our project.

Please get in touch and let us know, how and where we need to get in touch to share our crash data with the devs and what we need to do (like maybe load less content per all, or whatever).

This is not a complaint. We like the RAB a lot, otherwise we would not be making all these apps.

thank you,


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