Could we have more space in the title box on the title page

I’ve been printing several Gupapuyngu books this week and constantly frustrated with the size of the title box on the title page. Because this is a front matter page I can’t adjust it.

If the title is long then I have to have the title font very small to fit it all in. The latest title I have had to print is:

Djesuy gana dhäwu ḻakaraŋala yolŋuwala malaŋuwala ŋunhiliyi bukuŋura guṉḏaŋura
so you can imagine its quite squished.

But there is plenty of unused space on the rest of the title page below the English title. Can these boxes be more evenly distributed on the title page?

I’m also frustrated with the size of the text box on the title page when preparing or printing children’s books. The title should be in a largish font so teachers and students pay attention to it and don’t gloss over it because it is so small. If the book is to be enlarged into a Big Book for 20-40 children to be able to see it, then it is even more critical that the title be large enough for children sitting a few rows back to still see it.

Hi Glenys,
Might you be using an old beta version? Bloom 4.3.102 beta had a bug that fits what you’re seeing. Try letting Bloom update to Bloom 4.3.105 Beta.


thanks will update. Been too busy to do so, but I will now!!!

Thanks so much John. This is so much better. Very happy. A lesson to always update!!!

My Bloom-Beta Linux version is 4.3.16, which seems to be the latest available on PSO experimental (I think the Linux and Windows version numbers don’t match, right?). The bug is present in this version. It seems to be a regression? as I had not seen it before in several years of using Bloom on Linux.

Would it be possible to get a fixed Bloom-beta 4.3 for Linux soon, please? I’ve been missing out on some of the other features because of this bug. Many thanks!


Yes, unfortunately.

@sm30, could you look into this, please?