Corrupt LIFT file?

I am trying to open and edit a LIFT file, originally exported from LexiquePro 3.6 and it appears to be corrupt, although I couldn’t find any errors using LiftTools.

  • I can view (but not edit) the LIFT file in LexiquePro, looks fine. Cannot export in any other format.
  • When I import into FLEX, only the gloss language and part of speech show up, not the lexical entry.
  • When I import into WeSay, the opposite is true: only the lexical entry and part of speech show up, not the gloss.
  • When I try to import into LanguageForge, it returns Import failed. Status: 400 Bad Request- [object Object]

The entries themselves display gloss, part of speech and lexical entry and look–to my eyes at least–fine:

			value="v" />

Any clues much-appreciated. I would like to be able to edit this dictionary again, but unfortunately only have the LIFT file to work with - if there is another software that I could try, please also let me know. Many thanks!

I only have a minute here, but as far as WeSay, make sure you have “gloss” checked in the WeSay configuration tool : Fields.

Thanks for your reply. “Gloss” is checked in WeSay Configuration Tool > Fields, and still no gloss shows up (also the case when I ask WeSay Config Tools to open the file in LexiquePro or when exporting to SFM).

The following error shows up in WeSay Config Tools startup:

There was a problem during auto backup. Chorus said:
Can't find optional element name 'header' or main record with element name 'entry'

Dear Oli,

Sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced. Can you please send the full LIFT file and the error message to and we can take a look.

Language Forge only implements a LIFT Import. It does not currently have a LIFT export. The only supported way to get data in/out of Language Forge is using FLEx send/receive. My suggestion is that you first setup a FLEx project and then connect it to Language Forge via these instructions: 5 Steps to Get Started with FLEx Send/Receive with Language Forge

Kind regards,


Thank you very much. I’ll send the file your way.