Convert utt to wav

I have UTT files created in the late 1990s with the now defunct WinCecil software (it can’t work in modern Windows systems), the predecessor to Speech Analyzer. I have no way to open them nor to convert them. I tried simply changing UTT to WAV, but no luck (message says “convert to 16 or 32 bit”). Does anyone know how to convert them to WAV or MP3 files?

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If WinCECIL has an export to WAV function (no idea since I haven’t used the program), you could try and run up WinCECIL in a Windows 3.1 VM. Then export to WAV.

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Thanks, Chris. That’s helpful. I’ll check into the virtualbox so I can open get an early Windows version to open WinCecil and convert/save/export from UTT to WAV.


The helps for SA indicate that an Audio Converter Program is an option on the Tools menu - but I can not see it. I have dozens of UTT files that I need to either migrate forward or trash. Please help.