Convert utt to wav

I have UTT files created in the late 1990s with the now defunct WinCecil software (it can’t work in modern Windows systems), the predecessor to Speech Analyzer. I have no way to open them nor to convert them. I tried simply changing UTT to WAV, but no luck (message says “convert to 16 or 32 bit”). Does anyone know how to convert them to WAV or MP3 files?

If WinCECIL has an export to WAV function (no idea since I haven’t used the program), you could try and run up WinCECIL in a Windows 3.1 VM. Then export to WAV.

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Thanks, Chris. That’s helpful. I’ll check into the virtualbox so I can open get an early Windows version to open WinCecil and convert/save/export from UTT to WAV.