Contributing a Keyboard from Research


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for maintaining Keyman; it is a great project and provides the helping hand when one needs it with its excellent technical design.

Our recently published research has developed a Keyman keyboard for a script that does not have representation here, which consistently enables input of the target corpora despite some digitalization challenges, fitting the metrics defined in the paper. And we believe it would be helpful to others if this keyboard is part of Keyman’s repositories due to ease of finding and the fact that it is a bit scary to maintain our package and promise trust (keyboards can contain JavaScript). Also, this could help reduce potential duplicate work due to centralized visibility.

While developing this keyboard, we have tested quite a few different implementation approaches. Our final design is consistent with paper, allows for input even when full access is not granted, and results in the same output with our application/library implementation when considering lowercasing, etc. It is simply a QWERTY keyboard based on US English that closely follows the paper.

If possible, how does one contribute a keyboard (in case there are procedures other than opening the PR directly)? Is there a way to reduce the burden on Keyman maintainers when we create the PR for it?

The research as mentioned earlier: Universal Dependencies for Old Turkish - ACL Anthology

An application implementing the transliteration scheme (for iOS): ‎Ascii Turk on the App Store

The underlying library of the app: GitHub - mehmetoguzderin/swift-ascii-turk

Thank you very much!

Sorry for creating this discussion too early. We issued our PR here, which hopefully will not cause much trouble: [old_turkic_udw21_qwerty] New keyboard on behalf of both authors by mehmetoguzderin · Pull Request #1717 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub

(I created the discussion a few days ago before any prior introduction to the community)

Welcome to the community. We’re glad to hear your feedback about Keyman, and I see you
already found how to submit your keyboard. For others wondering about the keyboard submission process, there’s a guide available at:

If you have an Old Turkish wordlist, you can also create a lexical-model to provide suggestions for your keyboard.

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@darcy Thank you so much for your guidance on the wordlist aspect. Unfortunately, our dataset is too small right now, but eventually, that would be wonderful; I will surely keep this in mind.

Just for the record, thanks to the very constructive reviews by the Keyman team, the PR did indeed get merged after fixing my mistakes. So if anybody is reading this before their first PR, don’t make my mistake and test your modifiers separately for mobile and on-screen layouts!

Thank you!

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