Contents menu generator for Song Book app

I am working with a project team that would like to create a Song Book app that includes multiple books representing multiple local languages that are using the same script.
They are not interested in the Sorting by number, they only want sorting by Title, but because there are many songs in the app, they want to have them split by Letters.
I created manually the screens and items once, and the app can be found in Play Store:
Or check attached pictures.
It would be great if the Builder would have the option to generate such Contents menu (including all the necessary screens and items).
If they are done manually it takes a lot of time. It is also difficult because the script is not visible in the editor - see attached picture. After that, the most difficult part is to add new songs to the app as they will go under different letters.
Let me know if you need additional details.

Yes that would be nice, though the differences one person wants is different to what others want. That makes for more complex programming.

I have a method of creating an importable Contents menu. You build your menu in a Google sheet. It has two tabs. One with the Screens and the others with the Items.

Ask if you are interested in trying this

Hi, yes, please send me the details in a private message or in a mail.