Contents Button selecting Wrong Book

I have a RAB project with two books from different projects that are both “XXA”
Screenshot 2022-04-06 144324

RAB gives it a unique book ID (XXA-2), but the “Edit Contents Item” always selects the first XXA book. I can change it tp XXA-2, but when I reopen it is back to XXA.

In the source file, change one of the two XXA files to a different ID.

\id XXA

You can’t have the same \id in two different files. If you use SAB then you can put the same \id in two different collections.

You can’t just change the ID in a paratext book, Paratext complains.
So I moved the text to a different book, but that may not always work.
This should be considered a bug.

A unique \id is needed for each SFM book. That is a foundation of SFM sources, in Paratext, SAB and RAB.

If both XXA sources are from two Paratext projects, then copy one somewhere else and change its id.