Consonant conjuncts are automatically formed, e.g. k t prod क्त्‌

As per documentation of keyman

It should produce letter looking like this:

However it produces क्त्.

Can someone tell why is keyman keyboard not producing these conjunct letters. Devanagri script have lot of such letters.


Welcome to the community, @Pawan_Agarwal.

You might have a different font on your system. What I see is that’s expected in the keyboard documentation. Here is a screenshot of it.

It looks very much like the font you are using for this is the root cause of different renderings (or text you see on the screen). Here is what I observed:

Could you please explain a bit more if this does not answer your question?

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I will try out different fonts. Thx for clarifying this.

You are welcome, @Pawan_Agarwal. Reply to this if the issue persist and feel free to let us know how it goes.

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