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Hello, ive been trying to put the characters i created into a keyboard. The character maps keyman proposed doesnt have what i neeD. SO ive been searching to add the characters i want but i cant find how to do it.

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It might be that conglang does not exist as in Unicode point yet.

You can find out more about this and how to turn it into Private Use Area code point over at: Editing existing keyboards - #4 by drowe.

Keyman does not support non-Unicode-based keyboards at the moment, but if you could use fonts as an alternative solution to transform the text to Conglang, then it should be achievable, as the resource I linked above suggest.

This information might be helpful as well: Creating Unicode characters for a new language.

Thank you!

As @mengheng mentioned, the conlang is probably not in Unicode.

You would need to package your keyboard with a font that supports the codepoints you used. You can use Private Use Area (PUA) codepoints in the font and then the Keyman keyboard must output the same PUA codepoints. When you do this, your data, keyboard, and font all need to remain together. Otherwise, if the documents you create don’t have the font associated with it, all meaning is lost since no one else will know what your PUA codepoints represent.

Keyman Developer has a character map for characters in Unicode, not any of the PUA codepoints. So, you’ll need to work without using the character map. You can still write rules like this:

+ [K_A] > U+E000

This would mean when you type the letter a, the keyboard would output U+E000 which in turn is reliant on your font to have a glyph at codepoint U+E000.

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This issue goes into much greater detail:

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