Conc: is there a successor for MacOS X?

I am still using Conc by emulating MacOS 9 (via Sheep Shaver).
Is there a native successor or equivalent for Conc for MacOS X?

Sorry; I don’t know what Conc is. Could you be posting in the wrong forum?

My colleague told me Conc is a concordance program we unfortunately no longer support.
I’ll move your post to the “Other” topic (out of Bloom).

Look at:
Conc is a program for the Macintosh that produces keyword-in-context concordances of words in a text. It can handle both ordinary flat text and multiple-line interlinear text. In the case of interlinear text (produced by IT), it can concord morphemes and also correspondences between two annotation lines. Conc can also do letter concordances to facilitate phonological analysis. Conc permits the user to limit the concordance to just those words that match a specified pattern (GREP expression).
Discontinued, only for MacOS9. I wanted to know if there is a successor or equivalent running on MacOS X.

Wow, I’ve been around SIL Language Software for a few years and haven’t even heard of this tool before! It looks like it’s last version was 1996. Sorry, there won’t be any updates to this tool to make it work with Mac OS X. I doubt that anyone in the organization even knows where the source code is, honestly.

I did find LETRS' QuickGuides: Conc which gives an overview of the tool. I would guess that there are many other modern text processing and analysis tools out there that could be used to do the different features that CONC provides.

I did a few minutes of google searching and found AntConc Laurence Anthony's AntConc which is available for Mac OS X.

Hope that helps!


Thanks! AntConc is what I found too. The important feature lacking there ist referencing in the KWIC-concordance to the original document. I will look around again.

Paratext comes with a tool for building Concordances, the Concordance Builder.
But that won’t run on MacOS, unless you set up Windows in a virtual machine.

Thanks! I’ve got Parallels and will see.