Comprehension Quiz

The Beta Bloom Reader on the sample book has an interactive comprehension quiz at the end of the book–this would be a welcome addition! I’ve not been able to find how to add such a quiz to a book.

Where do I find that information?


The interactive quiz that @LitBeth refers to is at the end of the Moon & The Cap book.

A sound is played when the reader clicks the correct or incorrect option.

These questions are not part of the actual Bloom book. There doesn’t appear to be an option (that we can see) for adding these questions when books are published to the Bloom Reader.

@LitBeth, comprehension tests are part of Bloom 4.1, which is now in alpha. They are also limited to books made with an organizational branding, part of our new Bloom Enterprise service. So if you’re planning to use it, make sure there is a branding selection in Collection Settings that fits your project (e.g., for SIL projects, the SIL International one).

Thanks @JohnHatton

In the sample, the comprehension test appears after the copyright information. The story finishes, then the copyright information is displayed, so people may assume (as I did) that the book has finished and not notice the questions. It was only when @LitBeth asked me about the test that I noticed it was there.

Is it possible to include it before the copyright information?

Is it possible to include it before the copyright information?

Yes, we’ll get that fixed, thanks.