Compiling Bloom Books

Is there an easy way to compile several Bloom books rather than tediously copying and pasting each page?

Hi Kristine,
There is an experimental way to do this for PDF. I’ve just published it for you to try out:

Folio Template

For one collection I tried, it actually crashed Bloom and I had to restart, so give it a try before spending lots of time customizing things.

Here are the included instructions:

About the Folio Preview

We’re calling this a “preview” because it’s not a fully supported part of Bloom yet, it is very limited in its capability, and it can crash Bloom. If it works for you, great.

How to use the Folio Preview

  1. Create a collection with just the books you want to combine into a single book.

  2. Set their titles so that, when they are alphabetically ordered, they will be in the order you want for the book. Because the title page won’t make it into the final folio book, you may need to add a page to introduce each book.

  3. Add this folio book to the collection.

  4. Set its front/back matter to what you want for your combined book. All the front/back matter of the other books will be ignored in the final product.

  5. If you want a table of contents or other intro material, you can add those to the folio book.

  6. Go to Publish:PDF. The resulting book will have the front matter and contents of the folio, followed by the contents of all the other books in the collection, followed by the back matter of the folio book.

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Great! I’ll try it out! Thanks, John!

Thanks John! Just tested it, and works as described. This has great potential for those seeking to create little “anthologies”, or collections of stories on a theme, that are bound and printed together.