Coming to Bloom in 2019

As you can tell by looking at the Feature Requests section, and how slowly we are able to work through requests, our team is really tiny compared to the demand from our users. We appreciate both your patience and how you continue to champion the things you care about!

I recently did a thorough review of all outstanding requests, and while I can’t actually predict all that we’ll get done in 2019, I can share with you the primary theme, which is electronic publishing. Currently our offering is quite lopsided: you can do all these great multimedia things, but it’s not easy to distribute what you’ve done with the world (except virally, phone-to-phone).

Here’s a mock up that points to much of what we are aiming for (click to expand):

The idea is this: once you upload a book to, people will be able to

  • view the book in all of its languages
  • page through it, experiencing any multimedia (quizzes, narration, music, movement, sign language)
  • download it as a PDF, ePUB, or for Bloom Reader
  • get html code to embed this fully-interactive book in any web page
  • share the book on Facebook
  • find out about the book from their Bloom Reader app, and download it, perhaps after being automatically notified that a new book is available in their language.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Don’t forget to “feed the programmers” with snapshots of Bloom doing good around the world :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your hard work, John!

This is excellent John. This is exactly what we want and need, * get html code to embed this fully-interactive book in any web page AND to share the book on facebook

And it might make PD for us programmers easier too! :wink: