Colouring App builder...?

Our organisation has a very popular print publication for children (and adults) that designed to be coloured in. It is sold with colouring pencils and we currently have it in 10 languages. Yours truly has been tasked with exploring the possibility of a colouring app version along the likes of ColorMe. I am wondering if RAB or Bloom could consider adding a colouring book option as a feature…

Bloom can now host interactive activities, programmed in Javascript. If you can get a hired/volunteer programmer to put together a coloring book activity, we can help them design that and then turn that into a Bloom activity that would then work on the web and in Bloom Reader.

RAB now ships with Bloom’s core playback engine, though this is in experimental stage at this point. We need to put some more work into it, and then you would be able to also publish your Bloom coloring book to a standalone app using RAB.

Saw this, seems to be close: