Cog and Space issues

Hi all,
I’m importing wordlist data into Cog and I’m having issues once I get over a certain amount of data. My spreadsheet has 13+ varieties and 500+ meanings that I built in Cog and then exported out to save it because it kept crashing. Now when I try to import it in, it just freezes and shuts down. If I give it less data, it works. Is there any work trying to get it to handle more data?
Thank you,

Hi Kate,

Cog isn’t actively developed and doesn’t have a dedicated support team, but I’d like to know if Cog isn’t working for you. Based upon what you’ve described in this post and your other post on importing IPA, the first step is to reproduce the problem with your dataset on another computer to confirm the issue.

I’ll reach out to your privately for more info.