Classical Greek not working on new MacBook Air, still working on old MacBook Pro

Working with Apple, same macOS Catalina, my old MacBook Pro works perfect with Classic Greek keyboard, but my new MacBook Air not. Who can help?

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Could you give your a bit more details on what you mean by it’s is not working? The more details the better so that we can reproduce the bug and fix it. Thanks.

Hi there,
I am almost certain I answered your questions, but unfortunately I can’t find my reply anymore. I’ll try again.

My Apple MacBook works okay with Keyman Classical Greek.
My new Apple MacBook Air doesn’t work okay.

Problem seems to be that typing letters is no problem, but typing spiritus of accent is.

Apple MacBook Air works with macOS Catalina 10.15.5.
Apple MacBook Retina works with the same.

Hope this is enough information.

This is what I see on my MacBook Retina with working Keyman Classical Greek:

alpha with spiritus ἀ.

This is what I see on my MacBook Air typing alpha with spiritus:

This is very weird that you have the same macOS version using the same keyboard, but the output are different. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Are your Keyman for macOS versions the same on both machine?
  2. Are both macOS version 10.15.5?
  3. What application/program are you using to type this ἀ? We would like to know if this issue is program specific?

(There is a recommendation on which keyboard to use in which situation. Please see it here:

I checked both my laptops. I use Keyman 13.0.100 en 13.0.101.
macOS is 10.15.5 on both.
Typing ἀ is possible in Word, Chrome etc. On the other (not working) laptop nowhere.

If I try to understand the problem, it seems to me that the keyboard on the new Mac is working differently. As if the new laptop has no ‘dead’ keys voor typing an accent or spiritus.

Hope to hear from you.

Could you please help me with this question, see my replay.

Hi, @makara asked me if I can help you here. We’re not sure from the description what is going wrong with your new computer. Can you check that you have your security options configured correctly per the instructions at the top of this topic here: Fixing issues with Keyman and macOS Catalina

If that is correct, then the next step might be to setup a remote screen share – if you’d be willing to do that, send me a direct message on this forum and we can setup a time.

I forgot we have a help page with more detail on configuring security here; if the topic linked above seems a little brief, check this documentation instead:


  1. In Files and Folders , allow Keyman to access Documents folder.
  2. In Accessibility , allow Keyman to control your computer.

option 1 was not possible for me
option 2 was; and now everything is working. See here:

ᾄ ἑ ῲ

Thanks a lot.


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I am glad that fixed the issue for you and am only sorry it took us so long to realise what the issue was. All the best!