Classical Greek Accents/Breathing Marks not working in Microsoft Word

On my Macbook Air (Catalina OS), the Keyman Greek Classical keyboard (copyright 2003 by Manuel Lopez) does not work properly with Microsoft Word - none of the accents or breathing marks appear when I type. However, the keyboard works fine in other word processors.

This sounds like a compatibility issue. Please create a bug report on this issue on our github repo. Something similar to this: so that our developers can tackle look into this later.

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Maybe you have an outdated version of the keyboard. The version I have says Version 1.1 copyright 2009.
I can’t test to see if this solves your problem because I don’t have Word. But I think it would be worth trying.

That’s where I downloaded the keyboard from just recently. Perhaps I’m wrong about what version I have - it said 2003 in the “welcome” file that gives information about the keyboard, but that may have been the wrong place to look. So, unless the keyboard hasn’t been updated for Mac, I don’t think the version is the issue. Thank you for the suggestion, though.

@Frances_Mangina , what fonts are you using in Word? Is it possible that the characters are not included in the font?

I just tried changing fonts, and it doesn’t seem to do the trick either. Thanks, though.

I’d like to investigate this further on my Mac and see if I can reproduce the issue. However, I am fully committed over the next few days so this won’t happen until next week. I will let you know what I find.

Okay, I’ve tested here and not encountered any issues - I’m able to enter accents and breathings without issue. So it’d be good to collect some more data on your system:

  1. Which version of Word (select Word menu/About Microsoft Word)?
  2. The exact version of macOS (Apple menu/About this Mac)
  3. Which version of Keyman (activate Keyman, and then select Language Picker menu/Keyman/About)?

I have Microsoft Word Version 16.37, MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.5, and Keyman Version 13.0.101. I hope this helps!

Would this have anything to do with the text engine (HarfBuzz, DirectWrite, etc)?

I’m speaking as a total novice, but I’ve had some issues with how the font is rendered in Word versus Open Office, for example. In order to get certain glyphs to display correctly, I had to create a keystroke that entered multiple Unicode codepoints at once. Entering them in sequence was fine in certain word processors, but not in Word, which is why I had to create the single keystroke.

Just a thought for people who understand it all to consider.

I’m sorry for the delayed reply; I missed the notification in my inbox. That’s roughly the same version I have in each case, so there’s something else going on. Would you be willing to setup a remote screenshare session next week? If so, send me a private message (click on my name to do that) and we can set it up.