Chrome OS- File type not supported

I am having issues downloading the Keyman for Yoruba 8 because I keep getting error messages that this file type is not supported. I need the keyboard for a class. I’ve tried to save the link directly to get around the file being blocked, and to download a different search engine, Safari, it was also blocked. Any suggestions??

Well, I am confused by your request. The title of this request says Chrome OS. However, you later talk about Safari, which is not supported on Chrome OS, but comes with iOS and Mac OS.
Neither IOS nor ChromeOS will be able to handle a raw downloaded keyboard file without installing Keyman.

If you are trying to install Keyman on ChromeOS:
ChomeOS isn’t directly supported (as far as I know), so I’m not sure that this will work as expected, but some seem to have had luck installing the Android version of Keyman from the Play store, choosing the keyboard in the Keyman app, and using it in tablet mode. Using KeymanWeb and pasting the resulting text is another option until Keyman officially supports ChromeOS.

The following conversation discusses using Keyman on ChromeOS:

If you are installing Keyman on an iPad or iPhone, you need to install Keyman from the app store and choose your keyboard inside Keyman. The same is true for MacOS.