Charis/ Gentium: kerning in Cyrillc уд/ ул/ ӱд/ ӱл

Isn’t there a little too much space in pairs уд, ул, ӱд and ӱл in Charis and Gentium?

Yes. We have not added any Cyrillic kerning. It’s needed, but we haven’t had the time in the midst of many other requests.

Is it safe to say, then, this will be dealt with in a future release?

We recognize that it’s needed, but I cannot guarantee that we will add it or when it will be added if we do. I’ve added it to our list of requests, but be aware that there are already requests for hundreds of additional characters that will get a higher priority.

Kerning is very language-specific. What language(s) are you mostly interested in?

I look forward to the next updates, hoping that the Cyrillic blocks will receive your attention.

I spend most of my time with the Uralic languages. The four red words in the screenshot come from the Meadow Mari language, which has been the focus of my interest recently.

That’s very helpful. The main problem with kerning is knowing what pairs can occur. If we were mainly interested in majority languages (English, Russian, etc.) there is a lot of data available, but it gets much more difficult when our focus is the hundreds of other languages that use the Latin and Cyrillic scripts. We can’t kern every theoretically possible sequence.

For this reason we have no kerning in Charis, even for Latin, and only very limited kerning in Gentium.

Some of our users add kerning themselves for specific languages, either by adding them to the font directly (which is allowed with the SIL Open Font License) or using macros or scripts in publishing software.