Character sorting in DAB

I am trying to make DAB for Lhomi Language.
Their character sorting order is quite different
आ इ इ़ उ ए ओ ओ़ क ख ग घ ङ च छ ज झ च्‍य छ्‍य ज्य झ्य ट ठ ड ढ त थ द ध न प फ ब भ म र ल ल्ह व स स्‍य ह

So in this order, I want the dictionary to display the words as in the picture:

but the problem is the words at च्‍य छ्‍य ज्य झ्य aren’t displaying when I press the button for these words.
can anyone help me with this?

Also, I see only headword and grammatical info in this view, I want to see the Nepali translations too. how can I make it visible? (Picture below)


Hi ressalhomi,

I probably can’t help you, but I guess it would be helpful if you gave a little more details:

Are you setting up your dictionary from LIFT or from XHTML?
You have added the symbols you are talking about in Languages > Lhomi > Sorting, they are displayed in the app but won’t work if you press them? If you press the last working letter above them and scroll down, are the entries shown?

I also have the problem of some accented characters not being tapable (like ć) but taping on the ones before and after and then scrolling works. Not ideal, but a workaround all the same.

Have you defined your own sort order in DAB? Or are you using a default order?

Are there any words starting with the characters your listed: च्‍य छ्‍य ज्य झ्य ?

Under Features > Summary Gloss you can turn on the language you want to show.