Character addition request in EuroLatin keyboard

I see that the EuroLatin keyboard is currently the one listed for Zapotec languages. In some of the Zapotec languages in the southern Sierra region of Mexico (including ethnologue ztg) a couple characters are used that are not included in this keyboard, namely an underlined x and an underlined digraph ch. We would love to see these be added to that keyboard to make this keyboard functional for another group of Zapotecs. Can this happen?

I’ve created an issue here:
We will look into when/if we can do this.

@Jen_Cordova can you tell me how the underlined digraph ch is encoded for Zapotec? Is it U+0063 U+0332 U+0068 U+0332 (combining underline under each character) or U+0063 U+035f U+0068 (combining underline that is double width that goes under both characters? You would need the keyboard to match however you have it encoded in your texts.

Also, it would be helpful to tell me the codepoints for the “underlined” x.

Hi Lorna,

Thanks for getting in touch regarding this. Unfortunately I am not techie and I have no idea how to find the info you ask for to be able to tell you. If you can instruct me where to look to find that information I am happy to help.



Send me a small Zapotec file that has these characters in it. My email address is the traditional firstname_lastname AT

Thank you for the file! Can you please list all the Ethnologue codes for Zapotec for which this addition will support?

Hi Lorna,

ztg is the ethnologue code for the variant this would support. I am unsure of orthography used in the wider area outside of SIL circles. The government education system in ztp and ztl may also use this, but I am unsure.


We added the ztg characters to EuroLatin (SIL) keyboard

Thank you. I now see the underlined ch. However, I still do not see the addition of the underlined x. Can that be added as well?

You can use _x and _X to get it.